Our Cleaning and Service Delivery Programs are designed to protect our client’s investment and ensure optimum standards are achieved at all times, from the initial clean to the final handover.
Our Quality Assurance Systems ensure that we always perform our services to a high standard whilst maintaining a value for money approach.



our People

Our people are our service.

All services are provided by well trained, highly motivated individuals who are professionally trained cleaners and operators. They will personally service and care for your project as only professionals can do.

Staff commitment, skills and well-being are Netclean’s core objectives. We aim to maximise the effectiveness of our service teams by achieving client outcomes and ongoing continuous improvement in improving those outcomes. Our systems and programs are structured to achieve these objectives

We achieve these objectives through staff selection, comprehensive induction, job description, training, ongoing evaluation, industrial relations and stewardship.

Themes throughout all programs and interactions focus on the need for constant communication and the need to provide immediate and ongoing support to enable employees to achieve agreed outcomes.

our Quality & Safety

Our unique and easy reporting system ensures the delivery of quality site handover. Together with our user friendly communication tools we guarantee that we will always know and meet our client’s expectations.

24 Hour Customer Service Centre – Our telephones lines operate 24 hours a day. They do not go to an independent answering service but to a trained staff member who will always welcome your call no matter what time of the day or circumstance.

Occupational Health & Safety – In accordance with WorkCover Legislation, a Project Specific OH&S Manual is tailored to each projects unique requirements.

Quality Assurance Manuals – Our easy to use Operational Manual is issued at the commencement of each project. Clients will have one reference point for all reports and correspondence.

Inspection Reports – The client and site operator together with QA staff will inspect each project at regular intervals during construction to ensure that Netclean standards are being achieved at all times. The evaluation report is designed and scheduled to give the client an opportunity to evaluate and assess our service.


Netclean has serviced some of Australia’s most iconic development projects including ANZ Stadium, Westmead Children’s Hospital, The Star Casino and many more. We sustain our strong industry position through ongoing quality training and systems.


Our commitment to continually maintain and improve our environment gives us an edge over our competition. As an industry leader in construction cleaning and detail services Netclean is dedicated to an ongoing process of assessment and development to decrease the environmental impact of our business operations. These include Customer Partnerships, Chemical Free Cleaning, Waste Minimisation and Recycling Initiatives.


We have successfully maintained longstanding relationships with our clients for more than 18 years. Netclean’s high retention rate confirms our commitment to provide an outstanding service to our clients and the projects that we facilitate and deliver.


Netclean’s quality assurance, environmental, health and safety systems reflect our commitment to mitigate risk and deliver a consistently high standard of service to our clients. These systems represent our professional standing in the building and construction industry, and our ability to provide quality, safe, and structured services.

We are able to service all types of construction, fitout and development projects including:

High Rise

Bars & Restaurants


Shopping Centres

Aged Care

Entertainment Venues

Small Business Offices

Manufacturing & Processing


Public Domains


Retail Stores

Retirement Living

Computer Rooms

Warehouses & Manufacturing


Public Amenities

Retail Precincts

Transport Infrastructure


Hospitals & Medical Centres

Registered Clubs


Universities & Colleges


Multipurpose Sporting Facilities

Pools & Aquatic Centres


Car Parks

Commercial Spaces